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Service Servicing mellotrons is vital. They are electromechanical devices and that means maintenance is important and necessary. However, we suspect a huge number of mellotrons out there have never been serviced since the day they were built. The infamous heavy keyboard that feels like playing girders and wobbly notes that have given the mellotron a tarnished reputation over the years are purely down to a lack of maintenance. Try never servicing your car - you wouldn’t think of it! If it is practical, a full service at our workshop is the best solution and we have mellotrons sent from all over the globe for servicing and restoration. However, this is not always practical and therefore we offer a supply of vital parts to keep your mellotron working plus guidance on how to keep things running smoothly including techniques that will help you along the way. Whatever you need, we have it. Restoration We restore all types of mellotrons. Nothing is too daunting even when the cabinet disintegrates before your very eyes. Yes it’s happened, with a mechanism left dangling in mid air when all four sides parted company. We have removed chicken droppings, razor blades and burnt tin foil from the drug crazed years, had a MKII that sat in the rain for 30 years under a leaky tarpaulin and ones that try to burn the workshop down when powered up. It’s been a voyage of discovery. They all get restored. Our clients have been many and varied including Paul McCartney and the Abbey Road SFX MKII, Jimmy Page and his prototype MKV and Ray Davies and his EMI M400 plus many privately owned mellotrons of all types. Bespoke Streetly also build traditional M400 model mellotrons on request, and can undertake bespoke commissions, such as the exposed ‘Skellotron’ below.
'Skellotron' exposed mellotron Two restored MKII mellotrons Martin Smith and John Bradley with a restored MKII mellotron
Restorations on the web Paul McCartney demonstrating his restored MKII SFX mellotron Jean Michel Jarre live in Moscow playing his restored MKII mellotron
Paul McCartney, John Bradley and Martin Smith with Paul's MII sound effects mellotron L. Ron Hubbard's MKII mellotron Streetly Electronics - all things MELLOTRONIC service & restoration service & restoration service & restoration service & restoration